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Jackson goes the extra mile and helps me get results! What he shared with me totally transformed my ministry and people see and feel it by the experience they have when they come to my church. If nothing else, everyone needs to read his book, Retaining the Harvest. It will help you fill in missing pieces in your leadership and church experience. It is a must have for your library. I highly recommend you work with Jackson to go to the next level."

Marleena D

April 24, 2020

Liturgy During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Liturgy refers to how church worship is conducted. Churches establish a program outline for their liturgy and follow it week-to-week without much variation. Much of the liturgy in most churches could be discarded without substantially affecting the worship experience for most congregants. This is because many congregants consistently arrive at the primary worship service just […]
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April 6, 2020

Five Myths About Church Growth

I am not aware of any church that does not want to grow. Well, perhaps I should modify that statement. I do not know of any pastor that does not want the church to grow. I have discovered many small churches are small because the members prefer to attend a small church for various reasons. […]
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