Both divorce and legal separation can be Commplicated. Even In cases where you and your Spouse are going  yours separate ways amicably it is still a Good idea to consult an attorney At Doggette Law Firm. we have firsthand experience with divorce, and we can help you navigate the process as easily and successfully as possible

About Divorce and Legal Separation

If you no longer want to live together with your spouse, you may file for divorce or legal separation, depending on your preferences and your location The state of Maryland does not recognize legal seperation But Maryland does recognize Limited divorce, which can serve to legalize the separation and provide for support.

How We Can Help

As your advocate in divorce, Doggette Law Firm wil help you through every phase of the process including property division, debt division, Chiid custody, Child support, and spousal support. If you and your spouse are open to Negotiation,We Can help you settle these issues in mediation Otherwise, we can represent you in court

Dogpette Law Firm can provide counsel to clients in Maryland, Washington D.C. Pennsylvania, and Florida. To learn More about our services in divorce, or to make aa appointment, please contact the office today.