When two people live together without being married, separating can be complicated. If you dont plan property when you initially move in together, you may experience problems if a separation occurs. Doggette Law Firm can help you deal with  these issues before you move in together We can also help you deal with legal issues related to a separation.


One way to deal with the issues related to cohabitation is to sign a contract when you move in with someone. The purpose of the contract will be to determine what happens to te assets each party Owns, as well as the assets you Own together, If you decide to separate, This contract can also be used to accomplish other goals unique to your situation.

Our firm can help you develop an appropriate, ironclad contract

Legal Issues in Separation

If you decide to end cohabitatation our firm can help you navigate any resulting legal issues We can help you determine ownersnip of property, interpret contracts, understand how relevant laws apply and enforce your legal rights.

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