I have worked with Jackson on issues of stewardship, sustainability and viability in the church where I pastor. He is super competent, honest, a great presenter and a nice guy. His ability to see and resolve problems is extraordinary, as is his proficiency for helping people grasp alternative ways of thinking through issues. If you ever have an opportunity to work with Jackson, do it!"

David D.

Keynote Speaking

Jackson M. Doggette Jr., Esq., CNC, The Solutions Expert, is a straight shooting, no nonsense, engaging, inspirational, intellectual, and transformational speaker. He tells the unvarnished truth in a way that motivates listeners to achieve their best.

Organizational Development

We dramatically improve individual and organizational effectiveness through organizational development. Leadership, operations, staff, environment, and technology are explored and corrected to close the gap between what your organization is today and what you want it to become.

Fundraising Stewardship

Acquire the money to fully fund your organization’s operations, fully fund special projects, and grow your endowment fund. Then, effectively utilize the money for maximum results.

Church Growth Implementation

The Retaining the Harvest System ™ Mastery Program is utilized to maximum effect to set your church or ministry up for continuous growth.

So many churches & nonprofits swell and shrink in size. But very few, comparatively speaking, actually sustain consistent, steady growth. Doggette Solutions works to provide you with the tools you needs for sustained, consistent and steady growth within your organization.

People aren't joining churches or nonprofits for the sake of it anymore. They join themselves to movements they believe in and feel part of something bigger than themselves. So, the focus for a church, ministry or nonprofit must be more on relationships than on events, programs, and activities.

A lack of focus on retention prevents sustainable, steady growth. Retention must become systemic to be sustainable. Retention cannot be lowered to a mere program or set of activities.

Organizations are not merely a calendar of services and events. There is an infrastructure that must support the very purpose for which your organization exists. That infrastructure must be deliberately designed to produce your intended outcomes.

How much annual net growth does your church or nonprofit need to exponentially improve your ability to impact your community and world for the greater good? Are you ready to take the next step?

Retaining the Harvest System™ Mastery Program

  • The Retaining the Harvest System™ is a team approach to involve the greatest number of people in a lifestyle of evangelism within the church or ministry.
  • It is a simple to follow model to achieve the desired result of consistent and sustainable numeric growth in a church or ministry.
  • It is a model that is flexible enough to successfully establish in any religious, ethnic, or social context.
  • It is relationship focused rather than event or program focused.
  • It is a proven system that produces desired results.
  • The Retaining the Harvest System™ Mastery Program is designed to help leaders implement the Retaining the Harvest System™. It is not simply training. Training, alone, often provides information that is never fully used. This program is designed to help leaders complete a customized process that will set their ministries up for continuous growth.
  • It is necessary to come to a mutual agreement between the leader and the program instructor before a person can be admitted to the Retaining the Harvest System™ Mastery Program.

Retaining the Harvest™ Mastermind Program

We have found that after leaders have established their customized process for continuous growth, they encounter challenges to their process that threaten to derail progress. This happens because people, who can sometimes become fickle, are involved. The Retaining the Harvest™ Mastermind Program is for those who have completed the mastery program and want to collaborate with others, who have competed the mastery program. They find support, best practices, suggestions, and understanding to help see them through the challenges.

It is necessary to come to a mutual agreement between the leader and the program instructor before a person can be admitted to the Retaining the Harvest™ Mastermind Program.

Donor Loyalty Mastery™

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is profoundly changing the way nonprofit organizations and churches minister to their congregations and communities. With the loss of the ability to assemble and function as usual, one of the first casualties is finances. As fear grips people with uncertainty, they have a tendency to scale back on consistent giving to try to protect themselves from the effects of supply shortages and job instability.

More than ever before, donors need a clear REASON to remain donors or become faithful in returning tithes and offerings. More than ever before, nonprofit organizations and churches must articulate their CASE FOR SUPPORT, the essential survival tool.

The CASE FOR SUPPORT is a concise document with specific information that gives a compelling case for why anyone would financially support the mission and ministry of organizations. Without such a document, most nonprofits and churches are destined to lose 10%, 20%, 50% or more of their normal monthly revenue.

The CASE FOR SUPPORT is part of our DONOR LOYALTY MASTERY PROGRAM™ that helps an organization focus on those productive, life changing ministries that deserve the financial support of donors. A properly constructed DONOR LOYALTY MASTERY PROGRAM™ will be the number one backstop to dwindling revenue and what you need to survive and thrive in these uncertain times.

Ask about how you can explore the DONOR LOYALTY MASTERY PROGRAM™ that will help you survive and thrive.

It is necessary to come to a mutual agreement between the leader and the program instructor before a person can be admitted to the DONOR LOYALTY MASTERY PROGRAM™.