We invite you to become a Patron that supports Jackson M. Doggette Jr. in pursuing his mission to coach pastors worldwide to achieve maximum impact with excellence. Becoming a Patron will help Jackson teach pastors how to establish a system that results in consistent church growth using the Retaining the Harvest System™. Pastors will learn how to affect personal development, become better church leaders, implement organizational development, and access all the money they need through biblical fundraising to scale their ministries and achieve significant impact.

You choose how you would like to advance the mission. You can make a generous one-time gift or consistently support to ensure you are part of something bigger than yourself. These funds will provide scholarships to pastors to attend the classes and other experiences they need to effectively implement the Retaining the Harvest System™ for consistent church growth. Hardware, software, and personnel are also required to reach sufficient numbers of pastors to scale this mission globally. Your help is needed to impact the world in this way.

By experience, we have found it takes a pastor approximately 12 months to complete the steps to effectively implement the Retaining the Harvest System™ after taking the eight-hour master class and participating in monthly group coaching. It takes this time because, in most cases, a period of personal development, organizational evaluation, organizational development, and paradigm shift is necessary. Many pastors need the gift of a scholarship to participate for the time required to establish their unique system for consistent church growth. You can change the world by helping a pastor grow to impact their community significantly.

When you become a Patron, we will:

  • Pray on a daily basis that God’s blessings will rest upon you.
  • Minister to you through monthly Podcasts, Vlogs and sermons on YouTube and/or other outlets.
  • Furnish an official D8 lapel pin that identifies you as a generous Patron.

Your part as a Patron is to:

  • Sustain the mission financially with a generous gift and/or your monthly support (Philippians 4:12-20).
  • Always uplift this ministry and its personnel with the words you speak.

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus
(Philippians 4:19 NLT).

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